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Patrick Kilbride

Patrick Kilbride

What excites you about working in the property industry?

I like helping landlords and tenants. Every situation is different in lettings, and the industry is changing so rapidly, so keeping on top of legislation changes and compliance is a job in itself! It is essential that any changes are relayed to our clients so we can ensure they are compliant at all times.

When did you first decide that you wished to work in property?

It was by chance, really. After I completed my degree, which was in a very specialist area, I decided to take some time out before pursuing a career in my field. My dad had been searching for someone to run the lettings side of the business, and because I am very organised and structured he thought I would be perfect.

What are the advantages of being a family-run agency?

It is actually quite nice; there is a natural bond and understanding, which you don’t have to work at. Of course, the banter is great. Surprisingly, we make a pretty good team, even though Joe and I are polar opposites in personality.

Describe your role and what you enjoy most.

Lettings is challenging and often involves thankless tasks, but I enjoy trying to keep our landlords and tenants happy by providing a good service and communication. We had some issues a few years back before I joined the business, I am pleased to have contributed in some small way to tidying everything up, ensuring all deposits are registered and returned in a timely manner, repairs are done quickly and landlords receive their rents on time. This is where my highly organised personality is an asset, because I have put systems in place to ensure that nothing gets missed and things run smoothly.

What do you love about Cheadle?

Cheadle still has a proper village feel about it. There is a diverse mix of residents and a good range of shops, including a number of independents such as a butcher, fishmonger and greengrocer, yet John Lewis is only a few minutes’ drive away!”

One of my favourite places is definitely Jazz Jazz Jazz, a local Lebanese deli that’s been in Cheadle for years – you know it’s popular because it’s rammed every lunchtime!

What do you do in your free time?

Like my father, I’m dedicated to the agency so work long hours to ensure everything is achieved each day, which often doesn’t leave me with much free time. But I like to keep a close eye on what is happening in East Asian politics and brushing up on my Korean. We are living through some strange and difficult times, but I would like to go back to Seoul to work one day. I studied at Seoul University for one year of my degree and loved the culture and how advanced the country is. I also like to keep fit and go to the gym, and I’m a season ticket holder at Manchester City.

Why should someone use your agency?

Great question! Initially I would ask potential clients to visit Google or any other review website and see the number of fantastic five-star client reviews we have received, because it’s not our word that matters, it’s that of others.

We may be a small agency numerically but size doesn’t matter, it’s how we make our clients feel and how we deliver that’s important.

Let our family help move your family

Let our family help move your family

Maurice Kilbride is Cheadle’s leading family owned and run estate agent.