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The unwritten etiquette of moving home in Cheadle

over 4 years ago
The unwritten etiquette of moving home in Cheadle

Moving home is hard work and it’s easy to focus on what lies ahead rather than what you’re leaving behind.  When completion day arrives and you get the call to collect the keys, you rush off with excitement to open the door to your new home, but what awaits you could be far from what you expect. There is no written etiquette to moving home in Cheadle or anywhere else, which is why many people are unclear on what to do and what not to do when moving home, however, there are few basic guidelines, we at Maurice Kilbride encourage.

Leave as you wish to find

Let’s get straight to the important issue of cleaning.  You may always clean the home you’re leaving to within an inch of its life, knowing that you would never want to walk into a new home to find it has been left in a mess.  Not everyone is the same, and sadly we know of many buyers who have been disappointed when they arrive at their new home ready to unpack but first have to spend many hours getting the space clean and tidy.

Our advice is always leave your old home as you would wish to find your new one.  We know what a bind it can be. You have emotionally left this house and after the exhausting time of packing and getting ready to leave the last thing you want to do is clean.  But imagine the joy your buyers will feel when they open the door to their new home to find it left with as much love as they want to give it now.

Buyers aren’t psychic

There are so many questions when you move into a new home. How does the boiler work? What day do the bins go out? Where is the stop cock? The list goes on.  Should you be renting a property, all this information has to be supplied to you, yet when buying a property some sellers believe buyers have amazing psychic powers.

Give your buyers a helping hand. You don’t need to write War and Peace but just a quick list of tips that will help them to discover the ins and outs of the property.  Should you still have the manuals, put them to one side so they have everything they need to start living in their new home without any hassle.

A warm welcome

It’s often those little touches that mean the most to us in stressful situations, and moving home is certainly one of those.  A little card and a bottle or wine or a bunch of flowers welcoming your buyers to their new home is one of those kind and thoughtful touches they will never forget.

Tell the neighbours

Your neighbours will know you’re moving when the ‘For Sale’ sign pops up outside your house, but as moving day approaches, why not inform your neighbours that they will soon be welcoming a new family to the street?  More than that, give them a heads up on your moving day so they know to expect a moving van, especially if you live somewhere in Cheadle where parking can be difficult at certain times of the day, especially terraced streets and flats.  We know your neighbours would certainly appreciate being informed, and it gives them an opportunity to make a point of welcoming your buyers when they arrive.

Experience the difference

If you’ve had a bad experience of moving home before, imagine the difference it would have made if you had entered a new home that was beautifully clean and tidy.  You had written notes and manuals explaining how things in your home worked, you were met with a lovely card and gift, and the neighbours popped round to say hi!

That is the difference good moving home etiquette can make to your experience of moving home – why would you want to move any other way?

For more advice on how to move home,  contact our team at Maurice Kilbride, Joe, Patrick or Maurice on 0161 428 3663, e-mail sales@mkiea.co.uk or maybe pop into our busy office on Cheadle High Street. Alternatively why not visit our website www.mkiea.co.uk  and download our FREE ultimate guide to moving home, which includes lots of interactive check lists for the countdown to moving!

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