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Sorting fact from fiction when selling your home in Cheadle

almost 3 years ago
Sorting fact from fiction when selling your home in Cheadle

Every home sale is different, however human nature never changes! and it is understandable that through whispers, chats over the fence, and listening into conversations whilst having a coffee, misunderstandings and myths about home selling can occur.  In normal times, we would often hear some amazingly creative stories whilst going about our business, so now that the Stamp Duty holiday has been extended and we are busy helping homeowners to get their property on the market, we thought now would be a great time to debunk the myths and sort the fact from the fiction about selling your home.

Spring is a fantastic time to sell your home

The property market always has peaks and troughs, but the springtime always sees a rise in people looking to sell their home.  This year is obviously very different, but the signs are still that we are in for a busy spring in Cheadle.

The chancellor’s Budget announcement that the Stamp Duty holiday will be extended, followed by a reduction, along with the new Mortgage Guarantee, will no doubt give confidence to those who may have been reluctant to consider a move.  The property portal Rightmove said they say an immediate 16% increase in traffic to the website in the aftermath of Rishi Sunak’s speech! add to this the successful vaccine roll out, the children going back to school and the roadmap to recovery, we are cautiously optimistic that there will be a burst of activity in the spring market.

Buyers decide quickly

If you have bought a home before then you will know that this is no old wives tale, you kind of have an inkling very early on if a home is doing it for you.  We see it first-hand all the time – the excited buyers filled with anticipation, then the door opens and the house is not what they expected, disappointment takes hold and you see that initial zest start to fizzle away.

Then you open another door; they may be a little apprehensive this time, but within seconds you see their whole demeanour change. They have it, that feeling that is often hard to describe, but simply says to them, ‘home’.  Not everyone is easy to read, some people like to challenge us and keep us guessing, but behind that non-emotive exterior they still know if the property is for them or not.

Studies have found that buyers make a decision within 30 minutes or less. It’s amazing that in half an hour we make the decision on one of the biggest assets we’ll purchase in our lives.

Online agents are cheaper

This is one argument you hear a lot during social gatherings, yet people don’t always understand the facts.  Many online agents charge a fixed upfront fee, this fee is paid regardless of whether they sell your home or not, and you are very likely to achieve a lower price for your property, as confirmed by The Advisory.  This property information service calculated that high street agents such as ourselves typically achieve a purchase price that is 5% higher. Our favourite saying is “ The cheapest agent is not the one offering the cheapest fee but the one who puts the most money in your pocket at the end of the sale” Choosing your estate agent should be an investment

It isn’t just about the price but also the experience. Selling your home is a long process, one that needs lots of tender loving care to get through to completion. At Maurice Kilbride we will be by your side, negotiating the highest possible price, driving your sale forward, keeping you up to date, and simply answering questions when needed – will an online agent do the same?

People will see past it!

Whether that’s clutter, an unkempt garden, overbearing furniture, a tired décor or some dodgy DIY, when it comes to selling your home, no one will see past it.  Buyers are looking for a home where they can see themselves living and each little sign of neglect is a barrier that you’re making a buyer leap over. This is why it is so important to do all you can to present your home for sale, taking time to declutter and get each room organised.  Tick off all those jobs you may have been leaving for another day and give your home a fresh lick of paint, neutral shades are always safest when selling.

Don’t put all your effort into the inside of your property, though, also think about the exterior.  First impressions and all that! Summer will be here in the blink of an eye and, after the year we’ve had, buyers want to see themselves enjoying the garden, entertaining with their friends and family and making the most of some sort of normality. Outside space has never been more important.

All estate agents are the same

Naturally you would expect us to disagree here! We may essentially offer the same service but our delivery and quirks are always different, just like no two supermarkets or cars are the same.  But to put this to the test, when you’re ready to get moving in the SK8, SK3 or M22 area, please give Maurice, Joe or Patrick a call on 0161 428 3663. We would love to demonstrate our various fee packages to suit all budgets and service offerings that show we are never a “one size fits all” kind of estate agent.


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