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Is your bedroom killing the mood for buyers?

over 4 years ago

You’ve put your home on the market and made sure it’s tidy and the kitchen and bathroom are spotlessly clean.  It’s easy to believe that your bedroom is just fine, but is it what buyers in Cheadle are seeking?  Is your bedroom creating the vision of a relaxing haven, or is it killing the mood ?

Getting intimate

Bedrooms are intimate spaces, and we’re not just talking about for you and your other half.  Many people like to share their bedroom with their pets, whether they have their own bed or share yours.  Not everyone understands that having a pet in the bedroom can be comforting, and for some it can be off-putting, so when it comes to viewings it’s always best to keep your sleeping habits to yourself.  Remove any evidence that your pet shares your room at night. Their bed should be hidden, and care should be taken to ensure that pet hair and any odours are gone so your buyers will be none the wiser as they step into your bedroom.

Tired choices

You’ve decided to sell and acknowledge that your bedroom is looking a bit tired and out of date, but there’s no point changing it now if you’re selling, right?  Wrong!  If you want to achieve the highest price possible for your property, you need to show off your home in the best light.

Tired and outdated décor will only put negative thoughts into the minds of buyers.  You want them walking into a serene space, a room where they feel they can rest their head after a busy day, not one screaming out to have money spent on it to turn it into what it should have been in the first place.  You don’t have to create a designer dream; neutral colours and fresh white bedding with some carefully placed accessories can do the trick cheaply and effectively.

Very personal

We all keep personal items in our bedrooms, and we can often get so used to having them there that we don’t always notice they’re on show.  Beautiful photos of a romantic holiday, for example, makes a bedroom very much your own.  Although that’s important in life, when selling your property you want your buyers to see themselves in the room, which is hard to do when it has your stamp all over it.

Take a detailed look around your bedroom to see what ‘personal’ bits can be removed for viewings, giving your buyers the freedom to imagine how they could make it their own.

Not dreaming

You may be one of the many who have medical equipment in your bedroom; it could be something small in case of a flare up, or a permanent structure for a more severe condition.  We know these items are essential, but we would suggest that they be hidden, if possible, just for when a viewing takes place, and this is why.

We are all very easily distracted and a piece of equipment, for example, will raise questions in the minds of a buyer. What is it?  What’s it for?  In that moment, when your buyers should be viewing your home, they are puzzling over what your medical condition might be.  You don’t want distracted buyers, you want them 100% focused on what your property can offer them as a new home.

Counting sheets

God bless our wonderful British weather. So unpredictable, even in August we can have a heatwave one day followed by freezing cold temperatures and torrential rain the next.  It can often make drying our clothes tricky, which is why on some days our clothes maidens are laden down with our latest load of washing.

As much as this a necessity, it’s also an eye sore for a buyer during a viewing, and we know you don’t want your smalls on display!  Therefore, at Maurice Kilbride we always recommend that you clear any laundry away for every viewing, even if it’s just folded in a wash basket it will be less distracting for buyers.

Sleep soundly

When it comes to selling your home in Cheadle we want you to sleep soundly in the knowledge you have done everything you can to attract a high offer.  For more advice on how to prepare your home for a viewing, contact Joe, Patrick or Maurice on 0161 428 3663, e-mail sales@mkiea.co.uk or better still why not pop into our busy office on Cheadle High Street for an informal chat and a brew.

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