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8 mikstakes to avoid when buying a home

over 4 years ago

Searching for a home is exciting, but can also be stressful at times.  For most of us, buying a property is not something we do regularly, and so we follow the path that we believe is best.  At Maurice Kilbride we see buyers making the same mistakes – we don’t want you to fall into these traps and are here to help.  Why not take a moment and check if you are making any of these mistakes in your search for a new home?

Focusing on the detail

 When you walk into a property, it is easy to be seduced by flashy finishes and ignore what’s important, the quality of the fabric and its structure.  Before you start viewing, make a list of what is really important and necessary to you. Yes, the granite worktop and designer accessories may dazzle you, but are you taking everything else into consideration?  It could be the best house in the wrong location, and instead of focusing on the area, you are being swayed by bling.

There is always a deal

 Every property is priced to sell, each agent will have different strategies for how they approach it.  Sometimes there is room for negotiation, or an agent might price to attract multiple offers in the hope of getting an asking price offer.  If you have done your research on the area and what is available on the market and has recently sold, you will have an idea of what the property is worth, but what is it worth to you?  Value is very subjective, however procrastinate or playing the ‘deal’ game in the hope of grabbing a bargain can very easily backfire and leave you missing out on a property you really wanted.

Judging the cover

 Are you looking for a specific style of property?  Have you thought that what it offers you inside could be the key?  A particular style of property may not provide you with the space and lifestyle your family are seeking.  Just because from the outside a property may not grab your attention, don’t ignore what the interior could provide you.

Neglecting the resale

 You may be looking for a dream home that will be with you for life, but circumstances and plans change, and at some point down the line you could be looking to sell the property you are about to buy.  Lots of things about a property can be changed, but there is one that definitely can’t, and that is the location.  Buy for location rather than focusing on getting a good price.

The grass is greener

 You start your search and early on you walk into a home that completely steals your heart – what do you do?  The sensible buyer will put an offer down then and there to secure it, but sadly many buyers start to wonder if they should view a few more properties before deciding or maybe another house will offer better value.  Who knows when another property will come on the market that could deliver the same reaction? Trust your instinct; you will know when you have found ‘the one’ even if it is the first door you walk through.

Ignoring potential

 Everyone can find something that they don’t like in a property; it could be the décor, the colour of the kitchen units, or even that avocado bathroom suite.  When viewing a property, you need to try not to be distracted by the things that can be changed and start to see the potential of the property.  Could knocking down a wall give you more space than you ever imagined?  Is there potential to extend?  What a house looks like now is just the beginning.

Armchair viewing

 Simply put, you cannot view a property from behind a computer screen.  Nothing can match the feeling you get when you take a step inside a property. The floor plan will give you a guide to its layout, but walking through the rooms brings a diagram to life.  You can experience the flow from the indoors to the garden; you can see the view from the bedroom window; you can discover that handy cupboard for hiding all your bits and bobs. Don’t be fooled by online listings, let us take you on a physical tour of what homes we believe have what you’re looking for, we know you will be excited by what we present to you.

Doing it alone

 Many buyers don’t tap into one of the greatest resources out there for finding a property, and that’s us.  By understanding your needs, we can look for your next home, which may not even be on the market yet or sometimes we have properties that are being marketed “off market”. We’re here to do the work for you, so what are you waiting for?  Give Patrick, Joe, Maurice or any member of the team at Maurice Kilbride a call on 0161 428 3663, e-mail sales@mkiea.co.uk or better still, pop into our office on Cheadle High Street to discuss your requirements personally.

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