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6 home upgrades Cheadle buyers want post pandemic

almost 2 years ago
6 home upgrades Cheadle buyers want post pandemic

If you imagined the last couple of years were when you would sell and move home, you may have hit the brakes on those plans, due to the pandemic.

But now, with the second boosters rolling out and our villages, towns and cities beginning to return to a relative normality, the property market continues to be buoyant, with buyers eager to find a new home that reflects new hybrid working conditions. And with the increasing uncertainty, rising interest rates, the cost of living crisis and the economic difficulties brought about by the awful situation in Ukraine, many buyers have accelerated their plans to buy in 2022. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about selling, now might be the time to step on the gas. And the first action you should take is preparing your home to sell. What we have noticed, is a shift in buying patterns and here, in our new blog we look at the home improvements which will hit the right note with buyers beyond the pandemic.

1. Upgrade your outdoor space

Most of us now know what it’s like to suffer an acute case of cabin fever. It’s little wonder that outdoor space has become more important than ever to prospective buyers.

If you have the space, creating seating areas, pergolas and raised decked patio areas have been very desirable. Even a minor landscaping refresh can create an outdoor haven, set your home apart from the competition, and increase curb appeal. 

Again, depending on the space available an outside office can add considerable value to your property 

2. Create a functional home office

Many workers aren’t heading back to the office full-time—if at all. Hybrid working means home office space is still at a premium.

People want a dedicated space for multiple people to be able to be on calls at the same time, especially where both adult members of a family are working from home. One prospective buyer we spoke too, where husband and wife need to work from home. “It definitely creates challenges when we all need to be on calls and need space to work.” So think about the space you have and if it is possible to create a dedicated office space. 

Even if you don’t need two home offices or a remote learning station for your own family, consider staging your home to show the possibilities for buyers.

Staging a spare bedroom as a home office isn’t a bad idea. The potential buyer can see the room being used in a versatile way and visualize it for themselves.

3. Making existing spaces more flexible

Open floor plans seem a little 2019 now.

Open spaces seem to be losing a bit of luster as many homeowners are looking for distinct spaces for family members to work or study if there isn’t the option to have a dedicated room.

If your space isn’t well-segmented, you may want to create separate spaces by adding partition doors to large openings, even room dividers for a quick and easy solution.

Having flexible rooms helps to minimise volume from other people’s activities and can also create a different feeling in each part of the house.

As people are spending more time at home, they want room and different environments to not feel stuck inside.

4. Add space for a home gym

Many people were unable to go to the gym during the pandemic and forced to work up a sweat from home to minimise risks of coronavirus transmission. That means people are looking for space to house gym equipment, from yoga mats to treadmills and stationary bikes.

Your home may not have the space for a fully equipped home gym, but you can still carve out a corner where home buyers will be able to picture their future home workouts or yoga flows.

If perhaps you have a garage that is just a storage facility, why not tidy/clear it and that space could make a potential gym. Remember, when you are selling your home, you have to create the scenario that prospective buyers can visualize creating their own lifestyle choices in the property. 

5. Give your spare bedroom a makeover

If you have a guest or spare bedroom this can be an attractive feature for buyers right now—especially those with multigenerational households, or people looking for a potential source of rental income.

With people bringing elderly family members home, having the potential to create a self-contained area is a good option, especially if there is a kitchen and bathroom. A self-contained granny flat or teenagers’ room can add value to any property. 

6. Spruce up the Utility room

Concerns about cleanliness and hygiene have been at an all-time high during the pandemic, which means Utility rooms are now more important than ever.

People are doing their washing more often after running errands, and many of us have become more diligent about washing our bed linens. Plus, who couldn’t use more room for ironing, folding, and hang-drying clothes?

Having a dedicated space to do the washing is a wonderful luxury, and buyers often want the space now, whereas before, utility rooms were often being knocked through to form larger kitchens. 

If you want more advice on how to configure your home to make it more appealing to post pandemic buyers and maximise the saleability and price you can achieve, talk to Patrick, Joe or Maurice on 0161 428 3663, e-mail sales@mkiea.co.uk or why not pop into our office on Cheadle High Street for a causal chat. 

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