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10 easy ways to improve your relationship with your tenants in Cheadle

over 4 years ago
10 easy ways to improve your relationship with your tenants in Cheadle

At Maurice Kilbride we know how challenging being a landlord can be. Never mind the ever-changing legalisation, Compliance and maintenance issues, some tenancies can be more stressful than others.

Yet developing and maintaining good relationships with your tenants can result in increased trust, minimal void periods and also more sustainable and successful long-term revenue.

Here are 10 easy ways to improve your relationship with your tenants in Cheadle:-

  1. Don’t lose touch

As your portfolio grows and your blessed with increasing success, we often find that some landlords can start to lose touch with the issues that tenants might face.  They can become complacent about the service they provide, no longer putting themselves in their tenants’ shoes.  Don’t forget what finding and moving home can be like; Always be fair, be honest, and keep talking.

  1. Be responsive

Things break and suffer from wear and tear in every property – how frustrating do you think it feels to be left waiting for things to be repaired whilst trying to get on with daily life?  Earn your tenants’ trust and loyalty by being responsive. Tenants want to feel secure in their home, and your actions may see your them stay longer than you envisaged and encourage them to report minor repairs, which if left will become much bigger and more costly!

  1. Think about the person

Lettings is a business, but it is also about having a working relationship, which is why you shouldn’t overlook the personal side.  Your tenant is your customer and keeping them happy could benefit your business in the long run, as happy tenants could continue to recommend you for years to come.

  1. Who wants an expensive void?

In Cheadle we are finding that tenants are deciding to stay longer in their rental properties, but when they are unhappy they want to move quickly.  It is much harder -and more expensive!  to find a new tenant than it is to keep your existing tenant happy and think about the drain on your resources a void period would cause, and the cost of finding a new tenant – and who is to say the next tenancy will be as successful as the previous one?

  1. Tenancies are partnerships

Tenancies are built on a good partnership between the landlord and tenant.  Success for one can’t be achieved without the other and tenants should never be seen as a commodity.  Therefore, it is essential that you keep compliant and also simply show that you care – ensure things for your tenants protection and safety are dealt with in a timely manner, such as gas safety and electric inspections  – considering their well-being will only strengthen your partnership.

  1. Be proactive

Why wait for things to deteriorate during a tenancy? You know your property and what improvements can be made. Being proactive is one of the best ways to keep your tenants happy during their tenancy, as it not only improves your property but ensures it holds its value whilst you are renting.

  1. Listen

There is no easier route to feeling like a relationship has failed than when you think you’re not being listened to.  Whether you’re managing the property yourself or using a letting agent such as ourselves, one of the essential things to do is listen.  When tenants report issues with your property, you have a choice on how quickly you respond.  Should they report a broken door, it could jeopardise their safety – they deserve for this to be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Add value

Your tenancy agreement is a contractual document which sets out the responsibilities for both landlord and tenant.  It is essential that your tenant understands what is required of them from the start to prevent confusion and misunderstandings down the line.   Yet unforeseen personal circumstances may require a little bit of flexibility to create a win–win situation for you and your tenant.  You will know when to stick by the contract, and you can add value for your tenants.

  1. The right people

Your property portfolio is your business, and the people you use within your business represent how you as a landlord are perceived.  Therefore, it is essential to use a letting agent who has shared values, and tradesmen who complete repairs quickly, to a high standard and cost effectively.  Everyone you use reflects on you, and your tenants deserve to have the level of service you aspire to.

  1. Create a community

You can improve your tenants’ experience and make your property more desirable when your property is within a community.  A strong community is highly attractive to tenants and may make your property a place they wish to stay longer.  A property within a good community can reduce void periods – what landlord wouldn’t want that?

When you start to improve your relationship with your tenants in Cheadle you will see the benefits in all areas of your business.  If you’d like to know more about how we can support your lettings portfolio, contact either Joe, Patrick or Maurice on 0161 428 3663, via e-mail sales@mkiea.co.uk or why not pop into our busy High Street office in the centre of Cheadle for a confidential chat and a cup of tea.

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