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Maurice Kilbride

Maurice Kilbride

What excites you about working in the property industry?

I love changing people’s perceptions of the property industry, I’ve been a vociferous campaigner for change for years – it’s coming, slowly. It ‘s important to me to never stop learning, developing and implementing the very latest in technology where it serves our clients best.

When did you first decide that you wished to work in property?

Like Patrick, I sort of fell into estate agency. I had studied to be a journalist and wanted to be a sports journo potentially working on TV or radio. During my final summer I worked for a family friend who had an estate agency in my home town of Altrincham, a nice affluent Cheshire village. Andrew was a real character – suave, good looking, extremely charismatic, drove all the latest flash cars of the day. I loved it and learned a lot from Andrew, who was a terrific agent. Unsurprisingly, I never went back to journalism, something my parents never forgave me for.

What are the advantages of being a family-run agency?

I never thought I would have the opportunity to work with two of my three sons. As you can imagine, it is very special and I’m exceptionally proud of them. What is particularly poignant for me is that Joe was born a month after I opened the business, in October 2000, now here he is working alongside myself and his elder brother. We make one hell of a formidable team!!

Describe your role and what you enjoy most.

I take my business very personally, too personally sometimes! For me, estate agency is simply making people’s property dreams come true. When we get a nice review, thanking us for our service, communication and speed of sale, I’m proud that we are on the right track. Like many driven business owners, I’m never content, always striving to self-develop and improve both personally and as a business. You can never stand still or you are moving backwards in this industry, which is changing all the time. Personally, I like to be on the front line rather than inside the business, although I realise it might be getting near time to pass the baton over and I am currently training Joe to undertake market appraisals. I am sure he will appeal to the younger end of our audience more than me.

What do you love about Cheadle?

I’ve had my business in Cheadle for coming up to 20 years and helped over 5,000 people sell, buy, rent and let their homes, which is why I know so many people in the area, it’s lovely. As Patrick says, Cheadle is a true village with a church steeped in history, a couple of nice pubs and an array of independent retailers mixed with the bigger groups such as Costa, Tesco and Sainsburys. The café bar culture has become more evident in recent years. There is the local makers market on the first Saturday of every month and the Victorian Christmas market has become a fantastic and colourful addition.

I must give a shout out to our next door neighbours, Ryan and Joanie, who have provided us with breakfast bacon butties and cappuccinos for years, and are just in the process of pivoting from Nice Ice Café to Jacksons. Brooklyn Park is a lovely little oasis just a few hundred metres from the office and surrounded by some of the most beautiful houses in Cheadle. I can often be found there if I need a quick walk to clear my head or a trot round to get my daily steps in at lunchtime. But there are a number of walks around the area and beautiful parks such as Bruntwood and Abney Hall.

What do you do in your free time?

I’m an absolute workaholic, because I actually love my work passionately. My heart scare last year has made me realise that I need to take more exercise and lose some weight. I used to play high-level rugby and golf and whilst my rugby days are long gone I’ve decided to take up golf again soon. I also enjoy good food in good company and am an avid football fan, with a season ticket at Manchester City, and enjoy going to the games with my lads Patrick and Cameron.

Why should someone use your agency?

Our service is exceptional! even if I do say so myself! We deliver results in a no-fuss manner. Nobody uses more cutting-edge technology locally – we are just adding some amazing AI marketing to our Facebook advertising – but above all, nobody works harder or smarter for clients than we do. We believe in good communication, honesty and integrity. Our challenge is to get this message out to potential clients and to have the opportunity to demonstrate what we do differently, because we know they won’t be disappointed when they put their trust in us.

Let our family help move your family

Let our family help move your family

Maurice Kilbride is Cheadle’s leading family owned and run estate agent.